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The Annual Consultancy Plan for companies under a simplified scheme  includes:


  • Simplified accounting management / professionals
  • Tax management control
  • Single Income Model
  • Model 770
  • Unique Certification
  • INAIL self-assessment
  • Property Management / IMU
  • Telematic F24 payments
  • 15% discount on all other services (on online payments)
  • N. 4 Consulting meetings in Studio / Remote
  • Basic telephone / chat assistance 365 days
  • Access to the reserved VIP area of the site
  • Profile information services
  • Conditions blocked for the three-year period following accession

    The rate reduction is applied exclusively for the purchase of the Consultancy Plan made online or by bank transfer and with payments made at the contractual deadlines ; in all other cases the rate applied will be the ordinary one


    The purchase of the Consultancy Plan is subject to the acceptance of all the contractual conditions specified in detail in the relative estimate 

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