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Riunione in ufficio


Physical and virtual spaces for your business

It is located in Viterbo, Via Vittorio Veneto 1 / E, just outside the historic city walls, on the second floor (with lift) of an elegant Liberty-style building. Easy to reach by train, bus and even by car, with the convenience of free parking, the office was created with the aim of offering domiciliation services for companies and professionals.

With us you can:

  • Domicile your registered office or your local unit;

  • Domicile your correspondence;

  • Domicile the sending and receiving of your electronic invoices;

  • Having a dedicated telephone number with the opportunity for personalized answer or call forwarding, so as to have a real virtual office;

  • Display a plaque with your name or that of your company at the entrance.

Correspondence will be handled according to your instructions: a daily email will notify you of the mail received which will be archived, anticipated by email by scanning  and then sent either by ordinary mail or by courier.

Contact us at 0761364571 or request a free quote by email by writing to or using the contact form. You will receive the quote within 24 hours.

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