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Franceschi & Associati

Business Consulting Firm

Commercial, tax and labor consultancy | Q uality S inergy E fficacy T ransparency |

"Doing old things in a new way, this is innovation"

Franceschi & Associati is a Business Consulting Firm with twenty years of experience that operates in different sectors of activity, with the ambitious goal of offering itself as a unique and privileged interlocutor for the customer in terms of quality and costs. We satisfy the needs of many companies on a daily basis, by intervening directly or by making use of associated companies, affiliated professionals and national level Cafes.

Our commercial office is able to best meet the needs of your company in the tax, corporate and accounting fields, as regards personnel administration, safety, environmental hygiene and occupational medicine, as well as for everything what concerns training and funding and European and local calls.

The packages of our commercial, tax and accounting consulting firm

Franceschi & Associati has devised a system of service packages called Sm @ rt Packs , with the intention of providing the Customer with a complete tool that can satisfy his assistance needs thanks to the skills of our professionals.

It is an innovative service in terms of flexibility , quality of performance and certainty of expenditure during the term of your contract: a single rate, multiple services included.

  Flexibility : the packages can be assembled according to the performance you need, completely “tailor-made” for your needs;

  Quality : the professionals and collaborators who will assist you have many years of experience and follow strict quality and continuous updating procedures;

  Certainty  of your expenses, because the rates you will pay are contractually blocked for 3 years and all the "extra" services you will request will be significantly discounted and fixed in adequate and certain estimates.

In fact, by adhering to any of our " Sm @ rt Packs ", the customer, in addition to the highly competitive price of the package of services purchased, automatically acquires the right to discounts ranging from 10% to 15% on consultancy or extra services that he should request at a later time. 

Rely on an Online Job Consultant: choose the professionalism and innovation of Studio Franceschi & Associati.

For some years our firm has started an innovative path of management of all its services also on the web through its website to make the services more and more innovative , investing human and financial resources to better face the professional challenges of the future.






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